Gourmet Made Easy

Our pure goat milk ghee will make any ordinary dish extraordinary! Just a teaspoon of Natour ghee will highlight flavours better than any other cooking oil.


Purity in every drop

Vitamin Packed Nutrition

Ghee is a type of butter that is heated and reduced until all milk solids separate. Then those dairy and lactose solids are filtered out – and you are left with a healthy PURE fat – ghee.

Suitable for Keto, Paleo, GAPS, FODMAP, Whole30, Banting and of course traditionally Ayurvedic diets as well as a cooking oil for everyday. All of our ghee is Casein and lactose free and abundant in vitamins A D E & K.

Premium Quality

Rich in nutrients, traditionally made from goat milk butter. A superfood that improves one’s health. Natural & nutritious 100% grass-fed goats. There is no lactose or casein.

Luxurious Taste

Every bite of this just melts in your mouth leaving behind the sweet and savory aftertaste of delectable sweets made in Ghee.

Healthy, Non-hydrogenated

Add on any roasted vegetable dish. Ghee also has a very high smoke point making it appropriate for high temperature cooking perfect pair for your cooking requirements.

Ideal Match

Unsalted butter made from the milk of hormone-free grass-fed cows. Creamy Dutch butter that contains a higher percentage of butterfat and is ideal for your baking needs.

Our Story

Ester Food is a Dutch company founded in 2017 with the expertise of a Dutch-Syrian experts, specialist in high-quality food industries.

The world’s best and most modern production methods are applied, work hard, and strive to reach the unique taste and flavor.

Made from the Netherlands

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